Foaming Pint of Ale – corr!

26 Feb

For all my gibbering on to people about healthy and unhealthy food I have to say I LOVE BEER!  The title of this blog and picture in the title are testament to this.  However, although I tend to view it as my weakness these days, something to be reined in, this wasn’t always so.  Beer is good for you and Beer is bad for you depending on what you read or what you’re prepared to accept. If I’m honest with myself, in the past I tended to think up or seek out reasons for why drinking beer was good for you, after all it probably helped save large parts of the human race during the course of history.  These days I tend to think that, on balance (there I go again), it’s not very good for you.

HOWEVER, I still love it and am completely seduced by the culture surrounding it. There’s not much as sexy as a foaming pint of ale. I will probably write about it on here again and again knowing that there is something hypocritical in me glamorizing alcohol. I’ll feel bad for a bit and then probably decide that people are grown ups and informed enough (on this occasion) to come to their own conclusions and I’ll continue to feed one of my mini obsessions!!!!! Wonder what that says about me!?!


Whatcha reckon?

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