Nelson Wines – Best Off Licence in South London

8 Mar

To my mind certainly. Nelson Wines have finally, reluctantly maybe, gone on-line. Actually, I don’t have any idea when this happened because I’d given up searching to see if the guy had sorted out a website yet. My guess is that it is recently, judging by the current state of the website. I’m sure the shop has missed out on a lot of potential business by not being on-line as a lot of other retailers seem to have sprung up in the meantime.

I love this shop, which is a minute’s walk from South Wimbledon tube station.  Why? Because it’s chock-a-block with quality beer, cider, rums and even wine. It’s run by a very affable Irishman who is always helpful with suggestions and puts a lot of effort into sourcing his products. If you like good beer, as I do, you’ll enter, look at the drink on offer and emerge about an hour later, having changed your mind 27 times about what to buy, often to a backdrop of nice jazz music. There is always variation too. I’ve never gone in without finding a whole host of new beers on offer from all around the world. It compares more than favourably with utobeer in my opinion, particularly on price.  I also like his shopfront, which is a class apart from the other sorry shops on that stretch of Merton High Street.

I can’t get there as often as I used to but really hope that going online helps make his business more successful.

Nelson Wines is at 168 Merton High Street, Sw19. Tel: 02085421558 e-mail:


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