Fullers Chiswick Bitter

11 Mar

It’s good to have a break from things sometimes. Ale being a case in point. I’d recently come off a self-imposed alcohol-free few months, and I felt much better for it. But as healthy as I wanted to be, I didn’t and don’t want to be on the beer wagon forever. Beer is too damn sexy! Just leaf through Michael Jackson’s Great Beer Guide and get a load of those lewd pictures, all shapely with plenty of foamy head, and you’ll know what I mean.

Fuller’s brewery is well represented in that book and quite rightly too. There is a certain class about their beers. London Pride, 1845 and ESB all getting in on the late Michael Jackson action. One beer that wasn’t in that particular book though was their Chiswick Bitter. It’s a session bitter of 3.5%.  This is a beer I’d really enjoyed at their brewery tap, the Mawson Arms, when I had been on the brewery tour but had found it a bit too weak for my tastes on later occasions. It is a first pint really, you wouldn’t want to drink it after a pint of ESB or indeed London Pride, and as such it was chosen to be my comeback pint. What a great choice it was too.

It did get me a thinkin’ though. About taste. I felt I was able to taste every part of the beer singularly and as a whole in a really intense way (I’ve never really been able to explain what those tastes are mind!) It was quite a sensation and I definitely didn’t feel as if I was drinking a 3.5% bitter. It felt a lot higher than that. Now I have no answer to this question but did wonder how much missions to try to taste every single beer brewed by humanity actually clog up our systems and prevent us from tasting at a really simple level. Not just on a single night, but over time too. Do we end up being so unsatisfied by the thought of those beers we used to love because we can’t actually taste them for what they are any more? Are we just drinking too much if this happens, indulging in something our bodies just aren’t meant to cope with?

Mmmmm… I wonder.


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