Gluten-free Brews – The Verdict

15 Mar

The idea of gluten-free beer that would rank alongside its gluten compatriots is one that pleases me. I myself don’t have to choose them but I do know two such people. Rest assured my mate Bob is not one of them.

I wanted to like them. I really did. But I didn’t really. But it’s not all that bad. Firstly, Green’s Premium Pils. Now I’ll nail my colours to the mast and say that I can never really get excited about this style of beer and lo and behold I couldn’t here either. It had low carbonation, was a very pale colour and initially very sweet followed by very little, just a kind underlying flatness. Now, you may get proper tasting notes elsewhere but I’m just registering my disappointment.

Green’s Premium Golden Ale had a bit more going for it. It was a bit darker in colour than I had expected and had a bit more carbonation than the Pils. It had a bit more body to it but a very unpleasant wet cardboardy children’s sweets taste that I couldn’t get past.

Neither bottle did I completely finish. They went down the sink in the end. I don’t want to drink them for the sake of it. I guess that means I won’t be buying them for myself in the future. I am, however, pleased they exist and will happily try others in their range.


Whatcha reckon?

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