Cheese of the Moment #1

17 Mar

Cheeses, like beers, are too difficult to rank. I can rank my 5 best paintings but not my 5 best cheeses. Cheeses, like beers, are of the moment.

It’s a great time to be a cheesehead in the UK at the moment. There are more artisan cheesemakers in the UK than in France believe it or not. Though I don’t buy into the idea that everything should be compared to France, internationally perhaps this gives a little perspective.

The cheese of this moment is a cheese named after the tax collector that used to collect taxes from 100 shires before the UK was separated into counties. The county of origin is East Sussex in the south of England. It’s an unpasteurised hard ewes milk cheese which has been brined and matured for between four and six months. The rind is gold in colour and it has a ‘nutty’ flavour and a dryish texture. I love it.

Give it up for LORD OF THE HUNDREDS 


Whatcha reckon?

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