Mr Whippy Beer – Japan

25 Mar

There are things I admire about the Japanese and things I don’t. This one has left me not knowing not which side of the fence to sit on. On one side, the uncynical enthusiasm towards new fun things is something refreshingly Japanese, especially if you come from a culture where ‘piss-taking’ is king (UK), but on the other this is the world’s greatest living food culture desecrating one of the world’s greatest living culinary products. I can’t see them doing this to sake. If this takes off I won’t know whether to be truly appalled and cry or laugh along and slap my thigh!

Kirin are adding an ice-cold foam head to the top of the beer they serve. As if Happoshu wasn’t sacrilege enough! The head is frozen beer crystals at -5 degrees. Adding a frozen head to the beer!!! We all know that the idea of having beer at extremely low temperatures is a nonsense, there is nothing to be tasted once you get past a certain temperature despite what the marketing men tell you. It begs the question, why then do people drink these beers? Surely a soft drink would be a better option or indeed a Mr Whippy ice-cream.

Videos here.

What do I do? Laugh or Cry?


Whatcha reckon?

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