When Mother Comes to Stay….

4 Apr

I’m not one of those who dread mother coming to stay. In fact, quite the reverse. She’s got a lot of life my mum so it’s good fun but there is an added benefit -the Professorette suddenly gets all houseproud.

Once the date has been set those abandoned pink marigolds come out along with the long-forgotten plastic bottles of strange cleaning fluid and every cupboard door in the house seems to have been left wide-open. Just last night, I walked into the kitchen only to be met by the soles of two feet saying hello from the kitchen sink cupboard  in a rather muffled manner. I must add at this point that this doesn’t happen for any logical reason because being the don of domesticity that I am, I’m usually well on top of the cleaning. Perhaps it’s a fortunate by-product of other family dynamics, fortunate for me that is.

So what to do? Do I kick back, put my feet up and tell myself that it’s my time and I deserve it or do I watch her working and pass her the odd scouring pad? Sadly, I can’t see me doing either of these……


Whatcha reckon?

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