C is for Chocolate, C is for Coca-Cola, C is for Chimay

7 Apr

Sorry, this isn’t about chocolate exactly, nor Coca-cola. This is about two different tasting experiences with the same drink. A week or so ago, I busted open and necked a bottle Chimay Rouge, my least favourite but the most widely available of the Trappist monk brewed ales. Actually, I didn’t. I opened it very carefully and with the respect it deserves poured very thoughtfully into a nice glass and sipped it.


I’d recently revisited this beer as I have done with a few different beers after a serious detox. Yes, I know beer and detoxes aren’t supposed to be happy bedfellows but, as I’ve mentioned elsewhere on this site, beer is my carbohydrate of choice and I make allowances for it. Perhaps I’ll write about that another time.

I’m not a great one for making tasting notes but I decided to scribble down what I said or was thinking about the glass I’d had one evening the other week:

“Mmm, that’s much nicer than I remember. Tastes nice. Mmm. I can’t believe I haven’t had one of these for a while. Yeah, it’s all right! I’m actually enjoying this! Yeah.” 

Realizing these were quite subjective thoughts, I made the effort to try to pin down a few more useful ones:

“Quite thickish body, err.. ‘baby’ vinous body.. I think , mildly fruity port-like, deep dark chocolate to the end. Yes definitely the deep dark chocolate!”

The next time I tried it was just after a lunch and I tried to be more constructive by listing what I tasted:

“Smells of cherries, cherry and orange taste, then Uncle Tom’s bitter shandy from childhood Christmases, Coca-cola for a bit, finally turning to some chocolate, oh and now it’s vanilla ice-cream…. salt! “

I don’t think you’ll be seeing that on the back of a bottle in the near future, particularly as Uncle Tom is exactly that, my Uncle Tom!! I suppose I’m not really cut out for ever making serious tasting notes. I do, however, have a little more empathy with the likes of Oz Clarke when he starts drooling over the fact that the wine has a chewy quality like that of his grandmother’s knicker elastic. Not much though!


Whatcha reckon?

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