Does Tigger Still Love Susie?

8 Apr

Many years ago, when I was wandering around what is now known as ‘Trendy Shoreditch’ but was, in pre-gentrified days, just known as ‘Interesting Eyesore’, I came across a piece of graffiti. It was scrawled in yellow spray paint on a blue surface and it said ‘I am no bigger than a stump but my potential frightens me.‘ I stopped and read it again, mulled over what it could mean in my mind and then took a couple of photos of it. It was a sentence I returned to often and that one piece of writing birthed a whole new way of me looking at graffiti. Unfortunately, that’s about all you will get to see of it for the time being because I can’t find the negative to scan it onto the computer. Shame!

Or so I thought… I had no idea if this sentence had come from some literary giant’s quill so I typed it into a search engine and this is what I found! Ok so, it is very small but you can see the exact same piece of graffiti at about 4 o’clock. I’m no closer to knowing where it came from but it’s comforting to know I’m not the only one who photographs the scribbles on walls.

Until I sort out that photo, you’ll just have to make do with this one.

Does he(she)?

Graffitied onto a dirty window pane opposite the Charles Dickens pub in Union Street, Southwark, it’s another I occasionally wonder about. I have absolutely no idea who Tigger is or who Suzie is, and perhaps more importantly, whether he still loves her……(if indeed it is a he)!!


Whatcha reckon?

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