Fuller’s London Porter

17 Apr

It’s hard to choose a favourite beer but Fuller’s London Porter comes pretty close. After my recent dalliances with sorry beer that ended up down the sink I was happy to find a bottle in my beer cellar (the garage.) It didn’t let me down and I knew it wouldn’t. Some of my all time favourite pints of all time ever have been London Porter but I can’t remember the last time I had it on cask. Well, yes I can actually. It was a couple of years ago when I was doing jury service at Southwark Crown Court. I had decamped to the Royal Oak on Tabard St. in Borough, swished me way through a couple of Harvey’s offerings before settling down to some of the best pints of my life.

‘Rich, dark and complex’ says the advertising and if you know me, you’ll know I’ll struggle to add anything meaningful to those extensive tasting notes. Well, how about ‘Rich but moreish, really dark and definitely complex’? This beer is available in bottles (non-bottle conditioned) and from a keg in some Fuller’s pubs. While both of these are still nice they don’t hit the giddy heights of those perfectly poured cask versions.

Deeply Rich, no, moreishly nice, no....

Of course, having not had the cask version for a couple of years, it is still possible that I might not be as impressed with it now, as has happened with other enlightening beers over the years, but somehow I doubt that. I still enjoy the other versions immensely. At least they could give me the chance to be disappointed.

So my message to Fuller’s is to make this available on cask regularly. They could have it on at select pubs around London which have a lot of turnaround and advertise that these were the pubs where you could drink it. I’m sure they would get saddoes like myself making the trip for a pint or two. Or, as Steve Marriot once said, am I only dreaming?


Whatcha reckon?

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