Look what they’ve done to my beer, ma….

17 Apr

Lordy! Lordy! What HAS happened?

The excitement of finding the 330ml bottle, a more manageable quantity for a 7.2% beer, has given way to a touch of despair and incomprehensibility!! Can I say that word? Incomprehension doesn’t quite cut it somehow. Anyway, I opened a bottle of Brakspear Triple, which I was hoping I could savour and swirl and thrust under the professorette’s nose every two minutes, but was alarmed to find a very ‘wet’ tasting beer hiding out inside. Closer inspection revealed no yeast residue in the bottom of the bottle either. I tried a little more of it and again thought something quite essential was missing from this once classic ale! In the words of Melanie … it’s turning out all wrong!

What trickery is this?

Ils ont changé notre biere ma….. Ils ont changéeeeeee……. 


Whatcha reckon?

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