Bruegel Amber Ale 5.2% and Global Beer TV

23 Apr

Quite a low strength ale for a Belgian this one, which was quite welcome under the circumstances in which I found myself. It is fairly easy-drinking and a bit floral. It tasted a bit of what people tell me is grapefruit but I never actually taste as grapefruit. I say the word for the benefit of others who do taste grapefruit. The taste doesn’t linger long enough for me to get excited about, it could be a nice summer drink but I’d probably opt for another drink, especially if I were over here.

However, I wouldn’t even have mentioned having this if it were not for the fact that, upon looking up the history of this beer, I came across this gentleman from Global Beer TV. I’d not heard of Global Beer TV before but will look it up more often if Johnny Fincioen keeps presenting. Listening to people murdering your mother tongue as much as I do does tend to wear you out a little so it’s wonderful to hear someone speaking with an accent and enthusiasm that brings a smile to your face.

To be honest I’m not even sure if this is supposed to be a send up of an enthusiastic native Flemish speaker indulging in his beer passion in English or not. It certainly could be from a sketch show!

Check this one out – ‘Shouldjerz did not drink vater’ Classic!

The world needs more Johnnies!! In every sense.


Whatcha reckon?

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