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Northern Soul Off #3 (for soul lovers)

8 Apr

As you may or may not know I am a fan of Northern Soul. BUT THERE ARE TOO MANY CHOONS!!! So I need to get my playlist for my next proper party edited. For previous Northern Soul Offs see here and here!

This time female singers The Velvelettes – A Love So Deep Inside and Kim Weston – Take Me in Your Arms

You choose


Northern Soul Off #2

4 Mar

Help me trim down my northern soul playlist for my next party. This is the second Northern Soul Off and I’ve updated the links on the first one, which weren’t working.

Ain’t Nothing But a Houseparty – The Show Stoppers or  I Spy for the FBI – Jamo Thomas

Both are great but I don’t have room for both.

Northern Soul Off #1

25 Feb

I love Northern Soul. I don’t profess to have ever been on the front line (I’m not old enough for one thing!) but I have amassed quite a few tunes over the years, particularly since the advent of MP3 technology, or whatever it’s called.

These days no party is complete without a playlist, in my case a heavily biased in favour of Northern Soul playlist. Unfortunately, no party can last for 23 hours (at least in my house), so it’s with this in mind that I’m doing this post.  I don’t like using the shuffle feature as it often pairs up songs which don’t go well together so I’ve got to give the playlist a haircut.

Basically, I link to two tunes and you choose what goes on my playlist! Simple as…

First up:  Troy Keys – If I had my way  versus Freddie Scott – I’ll be gone

Whatcha Reckon?