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2 Jun

Just thinking about nutrition, which, despite all my blethering on about beer, does concern me, I came across this post on Glen Pendlay’s Blog. The comments section makes fantastic reading with lots of interesting ideas and opinions, along with a bit of spam! I liked it so much I wanted to post it here too.

I myself do eat in a particular way but have resisted going on about  it here as I don’t want to come across all evangelical and would also feel a little hypocritical eulogizing about beer and trying to promote a way of eating as healthy. For the record, I don’t think there are real health benefits to beer and I no longer kid myself that there is (I used to). I do still enjoy the culture that surrounds it and like the taste!


Calorie Lady Talks – Fats, Carbs, Heart Disease and Public Health Advice

21 Mar

If any of you take an interest in nutrition, which I do despite my beer obsession, and have listened to the BBC programme about calories that I linked to here, then you may also be interested in the following links. Zoe Harcombe, one of the ladies interviewed on the programme about the usefulness of using calories as a measure and author of The Obesity Epidemic speaks of the need for the general public to be better informed about what are carbohydrates and what are fats and what the government are advising us. Here she also talks about fat and heart disease.

I’m not in the business of promoting particular individual’s diets to anyone so please note that although the link is to her website, where she is also selling a diet, I’m just sharing some knowledge. There is also a free e-book to download called 20 Diet Myths Busted, worth a quick read. Interesting stuff. I think I was a biologist in a previous life.