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It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to …

30 Mar

…… and sneeze and cough and splutter…

I love spring. Maybe more so because I know I might just have a short time to really enjoy it. The current weather, while not so palatable for farmers and gardeners, is ideal for human beings. Most human beings that is. Unfortunately, I belong to another group of human beings who will be spending springtime burying their faces in handkerchiefs. Here I am face and fingertips pressed to the window looking longingly out to the clear blue sky, orange tulips and blossoming trees while my next door neighbour spitefully mows his lawn. I close my eyes and wish for rain!

Hayfever is something that affects a lot of us. This year with the incredibly dry winter and warm weather everything seems to be blooming at once and it has finally caught up with me. I’m wondering what I can do about. I don’t want to spend every spring and summer dosed up with anti-histamine if it’s not absolutely necessary, especially as I feel so healthy in other ways. It’s too late for immunotherapy. I have heard that using powdered Bayberry bark as snuff helps with the symptoms but while I’m not averse to the idea of looking like a 17th Century fop, I have absolutely no idea what Bayberry bark is nor how to powder it.

So if anyone has any tips on stemming the tide of hana-mizu, they would be gratefully received.

Is there anything I can do about my hayfever?