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More Beer in food

14 Mar

After talking about the fantastic De Heren Van Liedekercke and its great nosh, two more pieces of beer and food news have come to my attention.

The first, is that the Michelen-starred restaurant Galvin at Windows, located on Park Lane and with some great views over London, is doing a beer and food matching menu for their own little British beer festival. It kicks off on St George’s day, April 23rd, and is available every lunchtime until 7th May. I tried to get a butcher’s at the menu on their website but it doesn’t seem to be up yet. £45 per head, but reports from my mate Bob say that the food there really is very good indeed.

Hops in September

The second is slightly more down-to-earth. Apparently, there will be a London Hop Shoot Festival happening in various pubs across the capital (London) on 27th-29th April.  The area of Kent, in the South East of England is famous for its hops. In the past, the seasonal picking of these hops encouraged a mass exodus from East London of people looking for work and some good times. There’s even an old folk song reminiscing about the good old honest fun that was had by all and everyone during this merry time.  Anyway, hop shoots were eaten frequently in our past and a quick search on the net reveals that people still do, but perhaps not often enough. I’m all for eating every naturally occurring thing we possibly can, as long as it’s good for us of course. The hop shoots, being a by-product of the hop cones grown for beer, seem a sensible food to eat. The hop shoots available in the festival pubs will be from the spring thinning of the hops. Great. I wanna try some.

I believe these pubs are participating:

The Bull  – Highgate; The Euston Flyer – Euston;  The Victoria – Bayswater;  Duke’s Brew & Que  – Hackney; Horseshoe  – Hampstead; The Draft House – Clapham Northcote Road; The Draft House – London Bridge; Old Red Cow – Smithfield; The Clifton – St Johns Wood; Crown & Anchor – Chiswick; ;White Swan – Twickenham; The Botanist  – Kew; Ben’s Canteen –  St John’s Hill

I shall endeavour to get out to one of them. Hopefully, it will be more successful than British Pie Week.