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Silly Pils, Silly Photos!

23 May

Beermerchants.com sell beer. A lot of nice beer. I’ve ordered beer from them before, it’s been prompt and I have been pretty satisfied with the service. Buying online does tend to put you on mailing lists and you do get a few mails from time to time. In the case of Beermerchants it’s not such a bad thing as the mails can keep you abreast of some developments in the beer world (i.e. new stuff they’re selling, or old). How else would I have been dumbfounded by the idea of Orval coming in cans.

Well, when I received their latest e-mail where they were doing a special offer on Silly Pils, I got a bit spooked out. The photo at the top of the ‘brewsletter’ looked as if it had been taken in my back garden. Closer inspection seems to reveal that it had been, on a table in front of my heather!

The thought of them sneaking round to do a photo shoot for Silly Pils while I was out crossed my mind but I quickly told myself not to be a plum. Then I realised… I’d posted the photo on this sight before!! They must have lifted it.

To be honest, it wasn’t exactly a great picture and they must have thought the same because they’ve done some rather nasty photoshopping on it!! However, I don’t know whether to be indignant that they are using it to make money from or take it as a compliment.

At the end of the day, I think I’ll just think nothing!



Does Tigger Still Love Susie?

8 Apr

Many years ago, when I was wandering around what is now known as ‘Trendy Shoreditch’ but was, in pre-gentrified days, just known as ‘Interesting Eyesore’, I came across a piece of graffiti. It was scrawled in yellow spray paint on a blue surface and it said ‘I am no bigger than a stump but my potential frightens me.‘ I stopped and read it again, mulled over what it could mean in my mind and then took a couple of photos of it. It was a sentence I returned to often and that one piece of writing birthed a whole new way of me looking at graffiti. Unfortunately, that’s about all you will get to see of it for the time being because I can’t find the negative to scan it onto the computer. Shame!

Or so I thought… I had no idea if this sentence had come from some literary giant’s quill so I typed it into a search engine and this is what I found! Ok so, it is very small but you can see the exact same piece of graffiti at about 4 o’clock. I’m no closer to knowing where it came from but it’s comforting to know I’m not the only one who photographs the scribbles on walls.

Until I sort out that photo, you’ll just have to make do with this one.

Does he(she)?

Graffitied onto a dirty window pane opposite the Charles Dickens pub in Union Street, Southwark, it’s another I occasionally wonder about. I have absolutely no idea who Tigger is or who Suzie is, and perhaps more importantly, whether he still loves her……(if indeed it is a he)!!